“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who
prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X

Dear Parents,

Welcome to P P SAVANI CHAITANYA VIDYA SANKUL, GSEB, English medium school. By selecting PPSCVS GSEB English medium for your child you are making the right choice for your child’s present as well as future. Our aim at our school is to encourage minds to think, to train hands to create end to nurture hearts to love.

At our school we have adopted play way method for our primary students which will be more focused on cognitive, linguistic and interpersonal skills development of students. The methodology in the primary years will be that of collaborative learning along with inquiry based and activity-based learning which will inspire students to be more inquisitive and at the same time it will infuse the importance of teamwork and collaboration in students. For middle school we have project based integrated approach where students will get hands on experience through different activities.

PPSCVS is dedicated to shape the future of nation by implanting dreams in the eyes end values to the heart of its students. We believe that children should be taught from day one that they are responsible for their lives and we will help our students understand this.

Along with scholastic development, we will develop co-scholastic, emotional and spiritual quotient of our students. We believe each child is unique and deserves equal love, compassion and care. Thus, we are keen on developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for Global Responsibility.

Once again, we welcome you and your child on the voyage of learning and we are happy to have you onboard.


I am proud of my school’s insistence and warm efforts to ensure that future generations assimilate the invaluable rich moral values of Indian culture as well as their understanding of where technological resources are at their peak in the present times.


Bharatbhai Dhaduk (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Every students is unique and that learn in their unique style. Growing minds have infinite capacity to understand and grasp various skills. PPSCVS aim to develope knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and a sense of responsibility amongst them.


Vijaybhai Kaklotar

With the change of  time, students should not only depended on book`s knowledge, wisdom but should also be conscious of technology information and venturing in to this new fields and new enhancement ,only then  can we move forward speedily.

Admission Open 2024-2025