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Certificate of Achievement

This is Presented to School Family of PP Savani Chaitanya Vidhya Sankul – GSEB English Medium, Abrama, Surat.

in Recognition of their Effort and Achievement in completing the numerous participants and congratulations on successful conduct of State Level 9th International Yoga Day Guinness World Record. Your commendable contribution to the event is remarkable.  Wishing you all

Good Health, Happiness and Long Life.

21st June 2023



A dance competition conducted on 15-02-23 for students in grade 3 to 7 and on 16-02-23 for students in grades 1 and 2 was a remarkable success. The event was organized by the school to provide an opportunity for young students to showcase their talent and creativity in dance. The competition was held in the school auditorium, and the participants were judged by a panel of expert judges. The students’ performances were outstanding, and they displayed a variety of dance styles, including hip-hop, classical, and contemporary. The competition not only provided a platform for the students to exhibit their skills, but it also helped boost their confidence and provided an opportunity for them to learn from each other. Overall, it was a fun and entertaining event that was enjoyed by all, and the school hopes to organize more such competitions in the future to encourage students to explore and showcase their creative talents.

This is to inform you all that the upcoming unit test for grades I to VII is scheduled to be held from 20-02-2023. The test will be a comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired by you during the current academic session.


It is imperative for each and every student to be fully prepared for the test and to score well. The unit test will play a crucial role in determining your overall academic performance for the term.


Please make sure to go through all the course material and paper pattern and syllabus to prepare well for the test.


If you have any doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to approach your respective teachers for clarification.

Wishing you all the best for the test.

Mathematics and Science are two of the most fundamental subjects in the academic curriculum. They lay the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving and innovation. To recognize the importance of these subjects and encourage students to learn and explore, PPSCVS GSEB ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL celebrated Mathematics and Science Week from 30-01-2023 to 04-02-2023.


It gave students a fantastic opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that deepen their understanding of these crucial subjects. During this week, students participate in a variety of fun and interactive events, such as experiments, projects, workshops, and demonstrations, that highlight the relevance of mathematics and science in their daily lives. This celebration helped students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, and encouraged them to pursue careers in science and technology. It also provided students with a platform to showcase their knowledge and skills, build their confidence, and inspire a lifelong love for these subjects. The Mathematics and Science Week was an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the wonders of science and mathematics in an exciting and engaging environment.


The trustee of the School Mr Jaimin Rajyaguru, Director Mr Pranay Jardosh also appreciated the hard-work of students and staff. Their presence encouraged the students and teachers. Principals from different sections also encouraged the students by their words of appreciation.

The students of Pre-Primary class had an exciting and creative activity in their art class ON 10-02-2023. They participated in a vegetable painting activity where they painted on jute bags using ladyfingers and onions.


The activity was aimed at promoting creativity and imagination among the students while teaching them about the importance of using natural resources. The students were thrilled to use unusual tools like ladyfingers and onions as their painting brushes.


The students were given jute bags as their canvas and were encouraged to express their creativity through their paintings. The teachers guided them through the process and helped them to create their masterpieces. The students used the ladyfingers and onions to make various patterns, shapes, and designs on the jute bags.


The results of the vegetable painting activity were amazing. The jute bags turned out to be beautiful works of art, with each one being unique and full of personality. The students were proud of their creations and showed them off to their classmates and teachers and the Principal.


In conclusion, the vegetable painting activity was a fun and educational experience for the students of the Pre-Primary class.

A recent sports day event conducted by PPSCVS GSEB ENGLISH MEDIUM school on 24th January, 2023, brought smiles to the faces of parents and students alike. The school hosted a sports day for parents and students with a range of exciting games, including the Sack Race, Lemon & Spoon Race, Family Race, and Couple Race. The event was a huge success, with parents and students participating with enthusiasm.


The chief guest of the event was Mr Chetan Donda, an international Troll Ball player and Gold Medallist. The Chairman of the school Shree Vallabhbhai Savani, Secretary Mr Harshad Rajyaguru, Trustee Shree Jaimin Rajyaguru and Director Mr Pranay Jardosh also graced the event by their esteemed presence.


The day started with a parade and torch relay and then a warm-up session, led by the school’s physical education teacher, to get everyone in the mood for some fun and games.


Sack Race was the event in which parents eagerly participated, with many of them stumbling and falling in the process, but still finishing the race with a smile. The Lemon & Spoon race was a great opportunity for parents and students to showcase their coordination skills. The Family Race was a fun way for families to bond and work together as a team. The Couple Race was another highlight of the day, as it gave couples a chance to show their teamwork and love for each other.


The highlight of the day was the Zumba session for parents, which was a fun and energetic way to get everyone moving. The parents were amazed by how much they enjoyed the session, and many of them even said they would like to do it again in the future.


The sports day ended with a medal ceremony, where the winners of each event were awarded medals and certificates. Parents and students alike left the event with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on their faces.


The school’s Principal said, “It was wonderful to see parents and students participating together in these games. The spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork was evident throughout the day, and it was great to see everyone having so much fun.”


In conclusion, the Parents’ Sports Day was a day to remember, as it brought joy and laughter to parents and students alike. The event was a testament to the importance of physical activity and the role it plays in promoting health and wellness. The school plans to make this a yearly event, and everyone is already looking forward to next year’s sports day.


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