Fees Policy & Fee Structure


Fee Structure :-

Details regarding tuition fees and any other applicable fees can be found in the school’s fee structure, available at the school office.

Fee Policy :-

As you are already aware, the school is in the purview of the Gujarat Self-Financed Schools (Regulation of Fees)Act, 2017.

As an interim arrangement until clarity prevails in this matter (Which is currently sub judice) the following #provisional fee will be collected during the admission process.

NOTE – The provisional fee & Head of Fee will be applicable until further directions from appropriate authorities due to the pending final outcome of the sub-judice matter.

Provisional amount which includes Orientation cum Enrichment Activity Fee, Provisional Term Fee, Provisional Tuition Fee.

Transportation/Hostel is charged extra.

Payments may be made only through the following options.
1. Cash
2. Cheque
3. Online
4. NEFT/RTGS OR through ERP

Any PDC shall not be accepted.


P. P. Savani Chaitanya Vidya Complex, Abrama, Surat is a school covered under SELF FINANCE SCHOOL GET 2017, (No Fee Act).

We have submitted our school’s proposed fee structure for the year 2022-2023 to the Fee Regulation Working Committee (FRC) for further information and approval as recommended by the Government of Gujarat. 

Provisional fee includes TUITION FEE, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FEE, CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES and other necessary fees.

Transportation / Hostel will be charged extra.
Fees can be paid only through the following means.

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Online
  • Through RTGS or ERP
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