Hostel Details

Hostel Life :-

Hostel Life is also a part of education. It is a living place for the outsiders. The students who come from other places are allowed to live in hostel.

Hostel life is regular and helpful to study and health. Hostel is a place where student is given a proper environ- ment for all round development while living there.

The students learn to obey rules. They are made good citizens to hold the future responsibilities. They have to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at proper time. They learn how to help and co-operate with each other. They learn to give and take. 

They also learn to help those who are in trouble or suffering. They attend the sick. They go to reading room and recreation hall in time. Hostel life teaches them to help themselves and to stand on their own feet.

 They learn to take own decision on the spot. They set their life in a definite pattern. It is true that they do not get the love of parents daily. But it is also true that to visit after some gap gives more joy when they meet their parents.

Admission Open 2024-2025